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Fairpoint Strikers prepared to fight one day longer and one day stronger!

As you have seen in the news and in the streets, our brothers and sisters in IBEW 2327 and CWA 1400 who work at Fairpoint Communications are entering month 2 of their strike across Maine, NH and VT. 

They are standing up for good jobs and quality service.  They are drawing a line in the sand and standing up to Wall Street hedge funds and corporate greed. It is not their fight alone; it is the fight of all workers across America. They are prepared to fight one day longer, one day stronger.

They need your support. Will you stand with them?


1) Report service problems: Fairpoint is not maintaining good service right now. We need community members to report any service issues, customer complaints, safety issues or other problems with FairPoint to ALL of the following:

a) the Public Utilities Commission Customer Assistance Division by calling 800-452-4699 or emailing maine.puc@maine.gov

b) The Office of the Public Advocate by calling 287-2445 or emailing opa@maine.gov and

c) to the unions who are working to keep a list of complaints at http://fairnessatfairpoint.com/customerreportform/ 

Please spread the word and ask anyone who has had service problems to report them.

2) Contribute to the Solidarity Relief Fund: This may be a long fight. Workers are without income, winter is setting in, and we have lost our health care coverage.  We are asking local unions, individuals and allies to consider making a donation to the relief fund to support striking families who are experiencing financial hardship. You can contribute by mailing a check to: IBEW-CWA Solidarity Fund, 21 Gabriel Drive, Augusta, ME 04330; or give online here: www.gofundme.com/IBEW-CWA-Strike-Relief

3) Visit strikers on the picket line.

Stand with strikers in your area for a few minutes. Bring them food or drinks. (In particular: warm beverages like coffee and hot chocolate, food, healthy snacks, water.)  For a list of picket locations, visit: www.fairnessatfairpoint.com/picketing-locations  This can be a much needed boost in morale on these long cold days on the line.

To stay up to date on what's happening, you can "LIKE" the campaign Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/fairnessatfairpoint